Our Story

As big potato addicts, we couldn't keep watching our beloved baked potato being served as a side like a supporting actor. We decided to bring this famous meal under the spotlight and serve it as the star meal...

Potato being naturally vegan, gluten-free and an entrenched member of the universal kitchen, inspired us to build a concept that is capable of catering for everyone, irrespective of their tastes and diets! 


We wanted to create an interactive baked potato experience where our guests can freely express themselves while crafting their own meal.


Bringing everyone from all diets together with a thrilling and interactive experience


Showing a better way to live with the fast food from the future 



Our efficiency creates fast service and convenient pricing which allows us to reach more people.


Our potatoes are your canvas. Build as you wish and express yourself with your colorful food.


All natural products, cooked in a healthier way to provide you flavorful food.


Our counter is created to cater everyone. All kinds of diets are welcome in Pot80s.


Freshly made potatoes, right in front of your eyes without any additives or secret ingredients in our counter.


We care about the environment. Everything we make, we create in a sustainable way to minimize our effect on environment.