Potato Master Wanted!

Do you love art? Do you feel familiar with 80s culture? And most importantly, are you a food enthusiast? If you are, and if you have limitless love for potatoes, as we have, this may just be for you! Potato Master is our food artist preparing our super-hot potatoes and taking the most crucial role in our food mechanism. We need our masters to come and work in our pop-up events for several hours which are happening in different locations throughout TX, focusing on Houston.


Main Duties

  • Be our food artist and prepare customized potatoes upon our guests' preferences.

  • Maintain highly social skills, have good interaction with our guests and represent our culture.

  • Adopt a clean and neat working style and ensure food safety at all times.


After training sessions, you will be ready to attend every festival as a Potato Master. In addition to our competitive hourly rate, Potato Masters can expect one of the highest tip rates among the industry, since the preparation process is a skilful Food Showexclusive to each customer. This is an opportunity for you to join this Start-up at the ground level to the management level. Interested? Apply for it! 


Thanks, you will be hearing from us!